A to Zakka at Ground Floor Space, March 2017

A to Zakka

An Alphabet of Objects for Everyday Life

Ground Floor Space at dn&co. | 24–31 March 2017

An exhibition to accompany the publication of A to Zakka, a collaboration between Telegram curator Maria Howard and renowned illustrator Charlotte Trounce. The exhibition featured a selection of objects from the book as well as prints and paintings by Charlotte.

A to Zakka on It's Nice That

A to Zakka on Creative Boom

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L A N D S C A P E at Ground Floor Space, October 2016


A group show of photography, painting and video

Ground Floor Space at dn&co. | 30 September – 9 October 2016

'This is a show about landscape and what it holds. Whether a signifier of change or memory, landscape is not just a subject or a format, it can represent the artist’s self as much as a portrait.'

An exhibition of photography and painting on the theme of landscape, featuring work by Alberta Bamonte, Hannah Devereux, Will Jenkinson, Lynda Laird, Chris Stevens and Hayley Nia Thomas.

Read exhibition zine

The #telegramtakeover at the Peckham Pelican, August 2017

The #telegramtakeover at the Peckham Pelican

A summer show by Telegram Gallery

The Peckham Pelican | 25 August – 6 September 2015

A group show of the best work from the first year of our popular #telegramtakeover series.

Featuring work by Thomas Bett, Jodie Blackwell, Sam Bush, Elena Cremona, Hannah Devereux, Gabrielle Greenberg, Lillie Harman, Maria Howard, Will Jenkinson, Roslyn Julia, Philip Keith, Dina Lun, Nicholas Mellefont, Yiğithan Özden, Panu Pälviä Saunalahti, Thomas Pearson, Dan Root, Tom le Ruez, Libby Scarlett, Pablo Somonte Ruano, Chris Stevens, Hayley Nia Thomas, Dario Utichi and Noah Waldeck.

Beyond the Towpath at the London Canal Museum, June 2015

Beyond the Towpath

The London Canal Museum | 2 June – 2 August 2015

In 2015 Telegram Gallery was invited to hold an exhibition at the London Canal Museum. As a result Alberta Bamonte made a new series of work under the title Beyond the Towpath, inspired by London’s Regent's Canal.

Alberta’s works approached the canal and the surrounding areas from an aerial perspective. She used satellite views to focus in on a section of the water, the towpath and beyond, before reproducing the scene on paper or burlap, adapting the colours and shapes to create a unique kind of landscape where the industrial and the natural sit side by side.

Lynda Laird, Urban Beekeeping, 2014

Lynda Laird: Urban Beekeeping

Peckham Pelican | 2–8 March 2015

As part of a year-long residency at the Peckham Pelican, Telegram Gallery held an exhibition of photographs by Lynda Laird entitled Urban Beekeeping.

The honey bee population has declined massively in recent years due to the rise of GM crops, habitat degradation and the use of pesticides. Bees pollinate over 30% of our food and 90% of our wild plants; without bees to spread seeds, many plants, including food crops, would die out.

In response to the bee crisis, there has been a huge increase in the number of people taking up bee keeping, especially in cities. Urban Beekeeping follows the work of Camilla Goddard, a full time beekeeper for Capital Bee in South London. She first started keeping bees eight years ago and now has hives all over the city: in parks, churchyards, primary schools and on the roofs of hotels.

Hayley Nia Thomas, Seascape, after Sugimoto, 2014

Hayley Nia Thomas: Seascapes

Peckham Pelican | 4–10 November 2014

As part of a year-long residency at the Peckham Pelican, Telegram Gallery held an exhibition of large format photographs by Hayley Nia Thomas entitled Seascapes. The works capture the wild west coast of Ireland in Thomas's classic muted style; sea and sky merge in a grey haze while cliffs and crags become abstract extractions of negative shape.

Hayley Nia Thomas, Old Royal Naval College, Greenwich, 2013

Hayley Nia Thomas: London Fog

London Review of Books | 8 May – 2 June

As part of a two month long residency at the London Review of Books' cafe and shop, Telegram Gallery presented an exhibition of photographs by Hayley Nia Thomas. London Fog sees Thomas taking her home turf as her subject, depicting Deptford and Greenwich as otherworldly places, cloaked in fog, with their iconic architecture cropped almost to obscurity.

Alberta Bamonte, Ports, 2014

Alberta Bamonte: Ports

London Review of Books | 3 April – 6 May 2014

'I wouldn't say I draw landscapes. My pictures do not invite the viewer to enter the space like traditional landscapes do. There is a greater, insurmountable distance in a satellite picture—rather than a window, it resembles a glass floor.

The aerial perspective turns ports from busy, inaccessible non-places into peaceful motherboards. We can ignore danger, noise and exploitation. When all we see are pleasing colours laid out in neat rows, we forget global marketplaces and focus on pattern instead.'

Telegram launch party at Take Courage Gallery

Telegram Gallery Launch Party

Take Courage Gallery | 13 February 2014

Telegram Gallery first launched in February with a one night only exhibition of work by Alberta Bamonte and Hayley Nia Thomas above the Amersham Arms pub in New Cross. We've come a long way since (: